It’s a Journey leads to another

A Story of Hope, Trust and Passion

We are engaged in Healthcare business for more than a decade. As Healthcare people, we are engaged in providing service to human kind being the inherent purpose of the profession. This brings us into the contacts of hundred and thousands of people, organisations, professionals especially healthcare related, different environment in which they dwell and belong. On our journey in pursuit of expansion of services and driven by the same passion we come across a section of the society where the human beings are living in pathetic inhuman condition. They project a scenario of helplessness, surrounded by the attributes such as un education, poor literacy, dire poverty, suffering of multiple disease, child abuse, child crime, child labour etc. They are under privileged, marginalised and inaccessible lot of the society which is crying for help to break out from the shackles of darkness to light.

Service to Humanity

We thought there could not be better platform to serve the humanity, especially a Noble Social service to the down trodden, weaker section focusing on Women and children who are more neglected and suppressed.

Wings to thoughts

This thought paved our ways to create a Foundation which would facilitate a comprehensive program including education, training, Healthcare services, other social activity, which would help in spreading awareness.

A Charitable Trust

This Foundation is, thus, set up as a charitable Trust, where Individual, Institutions, Organization, members of civil society are welcome to participate, Donate for the Great Social cause of such magnanimity and hand-holding of the underprivileged.