Education & Training

For most of the underprivileged children, women in India, education is a luxury they cannot afford and Training is unheard of. Root cause being in poverty which snatches away their dreams and aspirations. Some time their location, lack of transport facility, non-availability of schools, also add to the plight. Among them, some enthusiasts try to swim over the canal of education but due to lack of facility and advancement of schools they fail to fulfill their dreams and leave at the half way. To feed themselves and many times their family, end up with odd jobs as child labours. This is the juncture where the NGOs and Charitable bodies step in to extend the helping hand bringing them into lime light and mainstream. Albeit, Many Government Agencies with various schemes are working towards the cause, but the Canvas is vast.

First and foremost they need to be educated from the basics, awareness to be spread and benefit of education to be imbibed into their minds. They need guidance and helping hand to be a part of the mainstream. Education facility like ‘Angan Wadi’, Schools, Playground, most importantly the Teachers to be made available. This is a herculean task needs to be shared by the participating members and Donors.

While Education become the basic and primary stepping stone to prepare them for facing the challenges of future and employability, Vocational Training helps them in choosing the career line and specific field of interest. It opens up the ways for better employment opportunity for their livelihood. Training also helps in filling the gap between skilled and unskilled hands.

This activity of providing Education and Training, the Foundation also creates the space and opportunity for the interested Educationist, Trainers and Professionals in respective fields to impart and share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of this social cause.