All out efforts of the Foundation, its Associates, Donors in any form, size and shapes are bound to make world of Difference in bringing light and brilliance in the life of millions of underprivileged who really need help and direction to live a normal and dignified life. Together we can make a Difference.


Our Story

We are engaged in Healthcare business for more than a decade. As Healthcare people, we are engaged in providing service to human kind being the inherent purpose of the profession. This brings us into the contacts of hundred and thousands of people, organisations, professionals especially healthcare related, different environment in which they dwell and belong.

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A Platform to perform

Caresoft Foundation provides a vast platform to serve a social cause, like upliftment of socially backward class, underprivileged and marginalised sector of society in which women, children and weaker section are mostly affected and suppressed.

Hand-holding as a Saviour

In pursuit of knowledge sharing creating a platform for hand holding of this section of the society and driven by a passion for service to humanity we find ourselves involved in. We believe in caring & sharing to make a difference together.

How it can help

It can help by facilitating through Education, Training and Healthcare
service support to helpless, unprivileged, uneducated lot.


Poverty leads to child labor, social crime among children, spreading of disease due to filthy and unclean surroundings, social unrest.

Foundation also understands Importance of Education is both the means as well as the end to a better life.

Together we can bring about a socio economic change for the development of underprivileged.

How We Can Help

Caresoft Foundation is a participatory Trust

As a charity organisation

Platform to Train & Educate

Caresoft Foundation relies on support from the individuals, CORPORATES like you. If you are interested in contributing towards positive Social Change, Please Donate Now.

Send Donation

You can become a fund raiser

Become Volenteer

Apply as an Intern or Volunteer.

Support Our Initiatives

You can Spread the word and reach out to people to contribute for a great social cause.

Through Media

You can also become and perform as a Trainer for effective implementation of our various education channels.